Friday, December 24, 2010

Fraser's Hill

I know I know.. My last "It's November!" blog post has been literally, super duper outdated when everyone else has started to hohoho here and hohoho there. 

Sorry for neglecting you my dear blog, I didn't mean to not update you :)
(Ok, stop talking to the blog =.=)

Just came back from Fraser's hill with my family. The boring peaceful highland :p

Too bad we're all not free this year end, plus we spent too much on shopping (oopsy) we can only go for a short cuti-cuti Malaysia this year.

Seriously I had never been up there before. NEVER. lol my first time.
What a shame..coz I used to write Fraser's Hill in my geography/moral paper last time but didn't even know where on earth is that place. Haha!

One word to describe the scenery and weather there: COOL!

The beautiful paddock.  

ohai baby-no-more sis :P

The golf course where you play golf in the mist.


 Oh hi dad. hi mum. hi green ice cream. eh wait.


We went for boating too in Allan's Water. Some kind of artificial lake.
Freaky lake I would say.

I was so scared that some crocodiles or piranhas might come out! The place was simply too...err..Amazon like. lol.  but it was a fun experience.

  Jurassic Park?

On the whole I would say that the trip was great. I mean, as long as you're spending some time with your beloved family, it's always nice, right?
However, if you want me to comment sincerely.. Haha. You know what I mean :P 
It's a beautiful place but's just a bit toooooo boring lor. Great getaway destination from the urban city though. You get to RELAX and be LAZY. Hee.

So yea..Merry X'mas everyone :D
Not going for countdown anymore this year.  
I feel like having some peace. Silent Night what.

Not in the mood to get high this year.
awww :(
Muacks ♡♡ Have fun!
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!
Love you all.