Wednesday, March 02, 2011

March, the start of my own calendar

"YAY! It's MARCH! It's MARCH!" 

It's been a while. Sorry lah. (why is my opening always like this? tsk tsk.) It's so obvious that I haven't recovered from my lazy-to-blog syndrome yet. aww man.

Once again, my favourite month of the year has arrived! *claps*
oh come on, I know you love march :P 

Cause it's my month! HEH. ^_____^

In my world, the year has just begun. 
Happy New Year Gracey~~!!!! 
(ok that's creepy -.-)

So, HELLO WORLD! How are you? How's everything going on out there? 
geez I'm stucked in ktj again, preparing for my AS trials, which is like, in a week??!! Prepare to die lah gracey. *shakes head*

Most of my friends had already finished their pre-u course and are all now preparing to go for unis. Super sien lo I tell you. I still have one and a half year to go >.< But nvm la, I'll enjoy my 'youth' until the fullest here. *ehem ehem*

Visited guardians again as usual (I call it my dad's shop. lol) coz I really love shopping in there. Like, seriously, it's a must-go store whenever I go for shopping. and I can spend up to an hour just in that small store, coming out with my pockets and wallet bleeding. Hmm I guess every girl does that. Don't you, girl? :)


Bought the trial set of hada labo moisturizing series. Coz apparently, I'm just not used to luxurious branded skin care. They are just too good for me. My previous skin care set which starts with a k wasn't bad, in fact it's so much more expensive, shouldn't it be super duper good? but, I was wrong. It made me feel...Old. LOL Ok for instance, keep feeding yourself with loads and loads of bird's nest. You get my point? In other words, I'm now looking for something simple yet perfect for my poor skin.

Well, I'm not doing advertisement for them..but frankly speaking, this product is awesome! I mean, the immediate effect after using it proved my point just now. I'm not sure whether it will suit me in long term or not but..oh well, so far so good. Have been trying for 3 days, so, we'll see :) 

I'm so lazy and sleepy and useless nowadays. All I want is just eat, sleep and play. You know, I really wish that I could just tell my roommate everyday: "ehh wake me up when it's dinner time, kay?" Man, how I wish.......

IS THAT ME??? That lazy fat cat there??
Okay, that's Garfield. -.-'

geez -.- My reading rate has been declining lately. No wait, I'm always slow actually.
Arrgh I'm so mad at myself. Must accelerate from now on. It's totally a MUST.  How do you study fast and effective? Like how? TEACH ME LAH.. I'm half dead T_______________T

HMM. I can see that my first blog post of the year is very much boring. =.=
Can't blame me, I'm in the middle of preparing for trials! And what am I doing here?! BLOGGING???
ehem ehem. 

Ok lah, gtg. Life's just so pathetic sometimes. But I like. Heh :)

Lastly, come come. Listen to Sam Tsui's perfect voice. *faints* (have been brainwashed by my roommate and bathroommates lately haha. everyday also listen to this)  Hee.