Monday, March 07, 2011

2nd post of the year -.-

Hello World! 
hmm I'm quite proud of myself- 2nd blog post of the year! (errrrr...cough cough) 
eh not bad already kay? at least I do update my blog and you're reading it now :)

And oh do you like my new background? simple thing but at least it's something else.
Have been so bored looking at the same background every time I sign in. so, yea <3

Let's see.. nothing much actually. argh.What kind of lifestyle can you expect from a boarding school? NO wait, let me rephrase; it should be: 
what kind of lifestyle do you expect from a scholar living in a boarding school?  
ha! That make more sense ey? :P

na...just kidding. You think I'm so rajin is it? How I wish I am though. lol. 
No lah. Not to that extent. I am NOT A NERD yo :)

Dressed up for I.U.Night. Pretty successful event! ♥♥

errr.. I think I fail again. Nothing to update T_______T
Sooorry for my lame post. Blame my dull life. Blame trials. x10000000000......

The only thing I can do is to keep convincing myself to stay positive. + + + + + + + + + heh.

If at every instance there is right mindfulness, then at any time, any direction, any location is auspicious.
-Still thoughts.

uhuh, indeed. Just drink more chicken essence and prepare for the war coming soon :)
okay la. Of coz I have to study.

Signing off now.

Happy Women's day. 8th of March. LOL.