Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Happy Birthday 2011

Hi world! I'm back to my hometown again. Yay!
It feels so good to come back to this beautiful island, Penang! ♥
Anyway, my favourite month of the year has already passed. Boooo.
But I'm still glad and grateful that I had a great March this 2011. Lovessss!

Ok, upon arrival..
My family bought a super yummy x10000000.. fresh cream cake for me to celebrate my belated birthday. So damn nice I tell you! the cream is so fluffy like cotton candy and the fruits are fresh and juicy as well. YUMMEEEEY.


As time goes by, we girls start to hate the candles on top of the cake.
So yea, just one candle will do :)

My Beauty Diary Masks from mummy. So many masks! LOL
very useful, plus it's my favourite brand. LOVESS! 
每天都要更美一点。haha it's their tagline la.

and also angpows from grandparents. Heh. $___$

Before this, back in KTJ, my friends were sweet enough to help me celebrate in school. Thank you so much!! I was also glad that lots of my old schoolmates still remember my birthday and actually texted or phoned me in the midnight. And my dear roommate, Sharan was the first to wish me Happy Birthday a few minutes before 12 o'clock. :D Oh not to forget, my cacat but funny skype session with Hui Chuin and Soon Yee. Haha eh I've already installed the latest version so yea, skype me more often ok? :)

I had my good night sleep that night and the next day...
First, I was bombarded by lots of birthday wishes from all Alia housemates early in the morning.

House Board full of wishes. Thank you! ♥♥

and next, when I was walking up the stairs of 6th form centre...

My dear friends pasted this birthday banner for me on the wall where everyone else in the 6th form will notice it before entering classrooms. Now everyone knows it's my birthday on that day. Even my teachers knew it too -.- *shy shy*

2 slices of yummy secret recipe cheese cake for me during Econs class.
Ignore the candle-made-holes on the cake. Haha. It was still very mouth-watering! :)
Thank you steph and nini :)

And then..during break time...My roommate did this to our mirror.
heh. Super like! Thankiuuu Sharan!

 plus this random message on my white board. LOL. ♥ Suki :)

and then....The tradition of KTJ-- Birthday Song during lunch in the dining hall.
It was kinda loud and I was genuinely surprised. Very shy as well. Hahaha :)

Highlights of the day: Flash mob in the dining hall by all Alians.
Gosh, what a coincidence. Of all the other days, why flash mob-ing on my birthday?!
Ms Campbell even asked me: "aren't you excited to dance on your own birthday? =) "
LOL. Yea, it was epic anyway. Alia Flash mob rocks! I think everyone else enjoyed as well.

My lovely birthday cards and pressies of the day~ Very meaningful, Thanks a lot people :)
I felt so loved. T______T 

 yea basically this is how simple and memorable my birthday was. I really feel that as I grow up, the birthday spirit is becoming weaker and weaker.. I mean, I used to wish for a big big birthday party and lots of presents or in other words, a glamorous and fun one. but now.. All I want is a peaceful and loved birthday. Perhaps it's my aging effect, lol.

I seriously think that there are too many wonderful things that happen in my life and I should really cherish them and be grateful.  Now, to me, birthday is not a day to party but a day to grow up.   

so deep wei. haha. but somehow it's true.

Anyway...Birthday dinner coming soon.
well, to me, FOOD is a MUST and can never be excluded HAHA :)

Till then. Off to study~