Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Let's bimbo first before transforming into a nerd!

Ok great it's May. 
Not good. 

My first paper is like, less than a week from now.  die X___X
and damn..the gap between history and econs P2 is like so's like no gap at all. How ah? and it's not like I'm already very confident. In fact, I'm kinda lost now. What can I do? 

I'm starting to feel some stress already. (isn't this a bit too late? -.-)
The ultimate-super-nerd mode is now officially switched on and well, frankly I'm quite excited though. I'll be a bit anti-social from now on so please do not interrupt me if possible. Else I'll give you the shoo-shoo look. 

anyways.. what on earth am I doing here? at this time?


eh you know, I used to get really annoyed too when some bimbos kept on complaining about their assignment stress la..whatsoever la (or worse, their period pains stupid you think you're the only one is it?!) They post on fb or they blog about it. In fact nobody even give a damn. bwahaha. oops. ouch.

sorry lah. allow me to be a bimbo for tonight.
whatever la I don't care.
I just want to release some stress HERE.

SEE MY FACE and you'll know how much pressure I'm shouldering now.

 *wa. can smile somemore. not bad.

Look at those dark circles.
and my dry hair.
(I think I can call it grass now)
and my cacat bone structure! (lol)
HAHAHA I look weird in this pic! I swear I can look prettier in another pic!
*you can't see my face! yay so pretty. lol.

but still, FAILED. heck I am sooo Aunty now. 

pathetic like what. sighs.

*chill.....breathe in, breathe out.

I'm nervous because I care. I seriously want to do well in one go. I don't want to regret.. don't even dare to think about resitting. so yea, I think i should stop here.

ok, done crapping.
I know that this doesn't worth your time at all but guess what, you get to see the bimbo side of me! what an honour! hahaha <3 I promise I'll produce some quality posts after AS. lols.