Saturday, May 21, 2011

Random; stylish looks.

First hectic week has gone.*claps* I swear last week was my most productive week ever in KTJ. lololol. Goodbye history AS! Even though I had a fun time dating with all the European's most powerful men inside my history book, I hope that I won't need to see you again! HAHA
Economics Paper 2..damn, I'm so sick of you AS syllabus! and yea, I pray that will be my last time doing paper 2 for AS ;)

 Now I can actually relax a lil bit until S2 and Econs P1 next thurs and fri :P
relax=more naps= ♥♥ :) But I better don't stop the engine for too long. heh

So, cut the crap. Recently I was quite addicted on following fashion photo blogs.  It actually inspires me to find my own style and yes, I think I need a serious shopping after exam.

I pretty much love the fusion of vintage feel into the modern fashion. I like this style. 
Especially her bags! and the English hat!
most importantly, she got that freaking-high pair of brown platforms! ♥

and of course, her beautiful complexion. so flawless!
orang putih memang putih. lol.

woah! I like this.
My hair is gonna grow longer and be 'browner' like hers :)
and those killer heels are just simply stylish! and her union jack tee!

I LOVE HER BAG! (again. i think i simply love all bags lol) and the can can hat too.

ok I may not have a pair of long legs like those pretty ladies but I can still try out this style right? :P
So gonna wear like this when in the UK. 
I call this the very-intelligent-superwoman look! :D

& more cool looks ______♡
  if you're interested in following fashion or determining your own unique style I recommend you or My favourite websites nowadays. 

Off to do some statistics now. bye :)

P.S. Prom coming. I need a pretty gown!
 and perhaps, a date? hahas