Monday, May 30, 2011

Barbie No More

I'm done with all my CIE papers! :) 
Super happy. (well, not really) there are still two more Edexcel maths modules coming up in mid June.

Anyway, I went out with Steph & TC yesterday to mid valley (same old place again. hmm I think now I know mid valley more than Queensbay mall -.-) Coz apparently we can reach there easily by KTM without changing stations. and I don't know why Alia house always plan trips to mid valley too. sien only. Thank goodness we're going to pavilion next week. like, finally.

After being 'jailed' for a month with lots of serious studies I just couldn't wait to go out to pamper myself. ♥

TC met his bf right after we reached and they went to somewhere else while steph and I headed to Sushi King to makan makan. We had Unagi sushi and temaki while waiting for lunch sets. so nice I like :D (well not THAT nice though. what do you expect, sushi king what.) and then we ordered COKE FLOAT :DD half price on that day so we, the irrational consumers got tempted and ignored all their marketing gimmicks. wth what kind of economics students is this haha

Nyamnyam. So satisfied but a bit too bloated though :/ 
we ate too much which causes the marginal utility to fall.  LOL everything is economics to me :D
Post-exam effect. blame that.

Ok..let's see. After lunch, we walked towards this newly opened store near the cinema. 
We were like, WHAT?? WHY SO NICE ONE? <3<3 @______@

It was the 2-storey-Barbie Store which sells all sorts of barbie merchandises, literally.
Their decor was pretty awesome!

 Since it's new, they are giving out free photo shoot sessions for early birds. 
and they mentioned it's for ALL GIRLS on the notice board.
                                                 wait.. all girls? then am I counted? hehe

Lots of little girls there waiting for their turns to be transformed into a princess. Lots of them. like, the whole upper floor was basically full. and after observing we realized that there's no other young ladies like us in the store. Damn awkward lo. especially when the kids look at this Da Jie Jie exclaiming her excitement when she saw the barbie dolls. hahahaha.

"waaaa so pretty!!!"
"haiyo I wanted this when I was young! Mum never bought me this! "
"This range is the best! limited edition one! :DD"
"omg omg omg!!"
"awwwww this reminds me of my childhood!"
"ehhh I got this one before!"

kid: .............

yea. imagine the there was only 2 big girls in the whole store (besides the sales girls). hahaha..

Lucky girl! can wear the gorgeous pink princess gown and the wig! plus a free photoshoot session wth


Cool right? I think my little sister or little cousins will love this. It's just like a dream come true for all little girls. Heavenly awesome ♥ Great idea to start a store like this. but i doubt how many people will actually buy the dolls. ok perhaps sales will be good in the first few months but yea.. idk. quite hard though :/

We then left due to the awkwardness and booyeah, went for some serious shopping! :DD Haha I think those magical fairy tales don't really suit me's merely a childhood memory. I don't want to be a bimbotic princess anymore; I want to be an intelligent, fabulous, rich and classy chic/fashionista. 
High heels, handbags, dresses, cosmetics etc. I just can't resist myself from spending money =/

Somehow I feel a lil bit guilty T____T especially when I stand in front of the ATM machine. haha but yea, why am I so scared to buy things for myself? I have allowances from my sponsors every month and I don't even need to spend a single cent in my boarding school coz everything's prepaid by the bank. So, why so scared MUAHAHAHA. Even if I finish using this bank account's money there's still Bank Daddy & Mummy what. LOL jk. I seldom use their money nowadays. It's just mummy who wants to give me some extra pocket money. Mothers ♥ oh and not forgetting daddy that pay for my miscellaneous charges in school. heh.

but I did figure out something very enlightening. In order to have a luxurious lifestyle I really have to earn a lot of money (let's don't talk about marrying a rich husband..if and only if I got one.. then that's considered as a bonus la haha ) and to earn money you need a good job which I don't need to worry too much coz I have bonds with the bank. The only thing left is to study hard and get into a top university in UK and voila, my dreams will come true eventually babe.

cut the crap. So.... I bought lots of stuff that day.
Won't list out everything that I've bought hehe.

Bought some cosmetics to complete my collection (not the expensive type la)
I haven't reach the level to be willing to spend on Bobbi Brown, M.A.C., Benefit etc. Haha stingy :D
Plus, these ranges are quite good as well, it's just that they are not sold at the classy counters that's all.

ohhh and I found my prom dress in the Gardens Mall! It's a gown to be exact. LOVESSSSS.
I manged to get it at a super duper affordable/way-beyond-reasonable/Cheap price. I'm confident that mummy will clap hands for me too if she knows the price. lol.

Now it's just left with a pair of sexy high heels :) I'm gonna hunt for it next week. weeeee lalaalala :D Girls just get happy easily by shopping. Luckily I have my budget line, if not I can really buy the whole mall i tell you. fuyoh.

Kla..stay tuned for more updates ♥