Thursday, June 02, 2011

Le deux juin, deux mille onze

Time flies isn't it..It's already June. Comment ça va?
half a year had gone and uh-huh, life's so far so good here.

Haven't been doing much these few days. Even though maths papers are coming in 2 weeks time, I am still chilling here. I'm just too lazy to even open my pencil case, and that's not good =/

Every morning, I look out the window and feel the morning breeze. I can just stare at random stuff outside my window: the blue sky, clouds, grass, birds, squirrels(yes a lot here), Ms.Campbell's cats, random people walking pass the corridor etc. What a peaceful moment. ohh, did you spot my rabbit? :)

 J' aime lire des livres ♥
Since major papers were over, I'm starting to have some relaxing time reading books(not textbook) when I don't feel like doing maths. Wearing loose clothing, lying on the bed with a book that smells like coffee is just perfect. Not forgetting a mug of Lipton golden milk tea on my desktop. C'est Le Vie.

hahahas. Yea I know, why playing around with french words? Well, apparently my friends and I have been learning some basics with Ms. Esmeralda but we are seriously a big failure LOL. We have been learing since last term but sadly, we can't really speak well nor compose a grammatically correct sentence yet. It's just harder to learn a new language at this age. Too old for that! Heh, I think it's also our own problem for not revising that often :P

I even got  a French Dictionary! :)

I am also very happy now because I just checked my account balance online and muahahaha.. 
Can you see the dollar signs on my eyes now?  Like this>>  $________$ 

It feels so good when you see an inflow on the credit column. Ka Ching! Ka Ching! gao gao. Thank you bank negara! My wallet is once again fat and the previous guilty feeling for spending on shopping has gone already. Hmm I think I'm gonna buy something nice again this weekend. *evil grin*

Okla, that's it for now.
Abieto! :)