Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Saturday at Pavilion

hmm.. I haven't been updating for days. Blame the internet connection here -.- 

How's everything? Had an enjoyable weekend? I did :) Went shopping at Pavilion last Saturday which caused my wallet to be empty, literally. But whatever la, haven't been spending like this for quite a long time..hahaha shopping is always the greatest guilty pleasure! ♥

gosh. I contributed so much to the economy thanks to Pavilion :/


Had brunch at DÔME Café.. 
and I ordered the cutest thing on earth :D

Babycino!  served with 2  tiny marshmallows 

cuteness x 10000000000....∞ maths error

Big Baby Grace loves cute baby things! :D
It's actually for kids but I insisted the waitress to get one for me LOL.


and my brunch.. beef gourmet pie :)
yums.. I love gourmet pies ♥♥

Did a lot of shopping for prom. Ahh I hate shopping for prom. It's so not fun! It's so different from shopping for normal causal things. You have to basically hunt for things that you won't want to wear much in daily life in a given time and limited income. Stupid. I would rather shop for beautiful casual clothes and bags >.<

But this one is my favourite for the day. Look much like Kate Middleton's engagement ring right? Haha imitations :) 

Nothing much again. 
but it's prom this weekend! Excited? Not really. Looking forward anyway :) 
Stay tuned.