Thursday, July 21, 2011

some end of term Alia love + OBS

Woah. It's been a while since I last posted. hmmmmm i think the last post was written in mid june :P Big sorry to loyal readers out there (if there are any) for coming back to check out my rusty, boring blog with the vain 'picnik fun' post of me popping out. hmph some ppl thought i look like a vampire in that pic >.<

What surprises me most after a blogging-free-month is the whole new blogger draft thingy. It's so neat and chio now! Simple and nice. Don't you just love these changes?  hee :)

I'm not quite sure about what to write today because I don't own a good camera. If I have a good slr I would have posted all my beautiful pics up here and share with you guys. BUT, ....That's why I seldom blog! Anyway, on a brighter side, I'm getting one soon. Yay! :D

So in the meantime I shall just dig out whatever that's in my iPhoto and do a simple flash back. Bear with me, please :3  

I begged a friend of mine who lives in Malacca to buy me Nadeje's mille crepe for me. Have been craving to taste this since god knows how long ago.  It was a Sunday night and chwin wern surprised me with 2 slices of the original flavoured one. My long demanded cake! Don't ask me how to describe because I really really really hate those TV hosts exaggerating how awesome the food were in their shows. Such dramatic bitches.

Well, the cake was no doubt, delicious. Mille means a thousand in french. So I reckon you know what's the selling point of the cake. but somehow i thought it wasn't as good as I expected. I was literally disappointed, just a lil bit. Perhaps it was me..I was expecting something like a godlike yummy cake before this but i guess the media just overrated it.  Anyhow, you should really give it a try. Worth your 8 bucks :D

Now compare Nadeje's to Grace's! HAHAHA not bad leh my cake :) I bet kids will choose mine. lol.
Fyi, it's chocolate fudge cake with lots of dark chocolates! Mouth watering ey? Baked it a week before end of term since Alia house has so many ovens and a bloody posh mixer. How could I resist myself to not use it? Heh.

I really enjoy baking. Big cakes especially. coz you can cut it into smaller pieces so that every one can share the yumz and love. and because I felt so loved. so so so much love surrounding me that I felt like doing something for the others. That's why I went out to buy the ingredients and baked it with some housemates in the pantry. What matters most is not how successful the cake was but how much people actually appreciate your work. That's the joy you got when you bake ❤❤

Fugly max. I'm sorry but this is the only pic I have with my new teddy bear.
Ms Campbell gave it to me as a reward of getting all A's in my college's internal assessment. I'm so happy coz it's not easy to get it. Not much people score as well. So I was thinking a name for her( yes it's a she) and I finally decided to name it  'UCL'! hahaha don't laugh la i know it sounds cacat for a bear's name but I really like that uni!  Heh. shall work hard with you lil UCL and I promise to bring you over there next year! :) woah, big commitment though.

Anyway, I'm back to Penang island already. omg I survived OBS. Haha! Those 10 days weren't as bad as I thought. In fact, I had lots of fun! in spite of all the tired moments, I felt so strong. haha imagine kayaking for 5 hours under the scorching sun out in the sea, climbing 3 peaks in 2 days, doing abseiling down a steep steep cliff, rock climbing (real rock!), building a raft from scratch, solo camping as in living in the jungle alone for one day one night, walking up 148 steps of stairs twice a day back to our dorms..etc  It was a blast!

I managed to complete all tasks and my instructor said he was impressed to see little feet walking so fast LOL. coz initially he thought small girls like me might be weak and slow but he was proven to be wrong! I can even start my own fire to cook and survive my jungle life like Jane, Tarzan's gf.  quite proud of myself coz I am actually an Altophobia (very afraid of heights). Good for me la, I think I can conquer bit by bit nowadays :)

 Lots of memorable experiences. Go Tahan!
oh well, home sweet home. So far, my holiday's treating me quite well. Holiday= having a good rest = ate a lot + doing nothing constructive :P Heh.

More updates coming up, stay tuned.