Wednesday, August 08, 2012

HK getaway: 1st Night

I'm back from Hong Kong~ and it's time to update my blog and share my experience.

On the whole, I really enjoyed the trip because it was the first time ever I went overseas without my parents tagging along which means *coughs* I can do many things according to my will *coughs* haha.. Nola No :P

In fact, it sort of gave me a new definition of 'exploring'. The best part of the whole trip, to me, was utilizing the MTR(Mass Transit Railway) to the max in order to visit different districts and to try out famous local delicacies. I guess I could say this is a mini practice for me before any Europe trip in future. lol.

Flew using AirAsia. Except for their not-that-pretty air stewardess hahaha so cruel (maybe it's just me), it's actually not that bad when they don't delay their flights :) One thing I have to mention is their Pak Nasser's Nasi Lemak was quite delicious for an in-flight meal. Try ordering next time!

We landed 15 minutes earlier than scheduled. *claps for AA* We then got transferred to the Hong Kong island by taking the 24/7 shuttle bus called 'Cityflyer'. Just follow the directions in the airport to get to the bus station and then line up at the bus stop according to the routes you prefer. We took bus A11 that would pass through Sheung Wan (where our hotel is located)

Do check before hand but even if you don't, you can still find your way out by studying the crystal clear directory in front of the bus station. 

While in London they call it Oyster, here in Hong Kong they call it Octopus. Seriously what's with all these seafood sea creatures? Haha

Basically, it's like my 'touch & go' for the next few days. Be sure to get one at any MTR station asap once you have arrived. It's really useful and convenient as you can use it for taking public transportation like the MTR, buses, ding ding trams, ferries or even buying cup noodles at 7-eleven.
Didn't try this but apparently, you can also use it in their Starbucks! what's this called if it's not awesome :D


Checked in 名乐居 Mingle Place 'On the Wing' , a boutique hotel in the historic Sheung Wan.
The standard room is super duper small (normal in HK) just like a box and there isn't much walking space. However, it doesn't really matter since as tourist, we just wanted a place to rest after spending the whole day outside exploring the city. Plus, it's kind of luxurious to me already. I mean look at the bathroom! mad love the shower ♥

After unpacking, we went out to explore using 'ding ding' tram, the iconic transportation in HK.
You need to know the rule: you hop on the tram from the back, drop off using the front door and that's when you pay using your octopus (or exact fare).

Pretty Caucasian in the tram behind ours. After I snapped a photo of her (like a paparazzi), she did the same to me (secretly as well) and oh, did I mention I purposely posed for her photo? You know, looking out of the window..acting as if I'm thinking of something hahaha ( ´ ▽ ` )

The initial plan was to take the tram straight down to Shau Kei Wan (last stop) to try out the famous 'wun zai qi'/ 碗仔翅 (shark fin soup w/out shark's fin) but since it's already 9 and our stomach were growling, we decided to drop off at any station where we could still see crowd. 

And then we ended up in some random cha chaan teng (tea restaurant, literally) in Wan Chai district. Oh not random lah, I actually jot down the name :D 

新丰记 牛什鱼蛋大王 (Sun Fung Kei)
149, Johnston Road, Wan Chai.

My 1st dinner in Hong Kong! haha I ordered this Fresh Prawn Wan Tan Mee out of sooo many options on the menu. don't ask me why. I can be very indecisive when it comes to food ordering and I was so scared that the waiter would give me the impatient look. Hence, it was just a random choice.

At first I didn't expect that much from them since it was supposed to be just a random restaurant and a random order hahaha.. but hey it was really good! *thumbs up* Their noodle was of the good quality ones i.e. egg noodles which has a good texture. And the prawns inside the wan tan were just so juicy and succulent! Not forgetting to mention their soup base, which is cooked using abalone as one of their main ingredients. *slurps*

My aunt ordered their Meatballs wan tan mee and I thought it was equally tasty as well.
However, we should have ordered their fish ball noodles instead since it's their specialization apparently. (I only found out after I had placed my order)

One downside of this restaurant is that the waiter sort of forgot to serve us the free hot drink (either coffee or tea) which was supposed to come along with the meal. Well I am not sure whether it's because he had really forgotten about it or was he trying to keep quiet unless we ask for it.

Either way, luckily I asked another friendlier waiter about it.
By adding HKD 2, we upgraded our free hot drink to 冻柠宾 (Iced lemon Ribena).

Trivia~ :

冻柠蜜 Iced Lemon honey
冻柠乐 Iced Lemon Coke
冻柠七 Iced Lemon 7 Up
咸柠七 Citrus+ Lemon+ 7 Up
龙凤柠乐 Citrus + Lemon + Coke

Awesome combination right! I wonder why we don't have it in our Kopitiam in M'sia? heh :3

Strolled around the area for a while before taking the tram back to Sheung Wan again.

and that was my first night in HK :)