Friday, October 07, 2011

exeat 1st day

Exeat's starting today but I'm not going anywhere. I'm quite used to staying back in KTJ and enjoy my peaceful break. Will probably go out for a short while on Sunday to dine-in some good restaurant in The Gardens Mall..and shop for groceries. I'm so desperate for good food :P

Oh right, I kept on forgetting to show you guys my new bought wall sticker from 'Art Friend'.
There you go:

wee. Pretty cool isn't it? Purple sparkling dandelions with glittery butterflies. I wake up everyday to see my room like this, like I'm still in the fairy land in my dream. lol.

Hmm. Just 2 months to go.  I keep convincing myself to strive a little bit more. 2 months of hard work and I shall have an awesome break! I'm going overseas this year for my end-of-year-holiday! Didn't get to go last year so I'm very looking forward to go this time. lalala :)

I don't know what to update about actually. Life here in KTJ is like..hmm..oh well..what more to say? Sometimes I'll be very very busy and stressed but sometimes I'll just eat and sleep like there's no tomorrow.

Oh yea, i'm sharing with you guys this so cool yet so lame joke. I like it :D


and this too...

Hahahaha I know it's lame but I just can't stop laughing. That cat's face is just too funneyy!

Anyway, my resit paper for History is coming soon! I'm quite excited actually. lol. Can't wait to nail that History like shit. I just want to get rid of it as soon as possible and then focus on my January maths modules. Wish me luck ;)

Till then, ciao!