Friday, July 20, 2012

Paint my love

One night when dad drove me out to buy supper, he asked me to go on and do things that I have always wanted to do but had no time for it when I am busy. I nodded, but just a few seconds later we both laughed. He realised that he was asking something pointless.

because he knew that all I wanted to do is: Sleep.

 (I love to sleep so much to the extent that I would really believe if you tell me I'm the demigod of naps whatsoever)

 Jokes aside, I do have other things on my to-do-list okay.. Other than of course, sleeping. (it's number one still! haha) Stumbled across some familiar 'toys' that day and realised that I haven't been touching any of these for years! (not so kua zhang, just 3 years to be exact)

So little colours and brushes left. I used to have more.

How I miss the good old times when doing visual art homework was actually a way to de-stress and have fun.

My almost-worn-out-but-still-very-cool-looking paintbrushes.
Thank you for working so hard with me throughout the high school years hahaha :')

She's so gorgeous I don't even...

(mad artist in love with her own art piece lol)

My another cutesy style of drawing. less detailed. 

I think it looks like some illustration for children's story books. Heh. so vain right :P

 and then here comes some serious painting.... *drumrolls*

so after all...I'm actually gifted with some talents too.. *giggles* :)