Saturday, July 14, 2012

Food to cheer up the day

I have no idea how to revive my blog after neglecting it for so long.

Now that the freaking exams have ended, I thought I should be happily blogging about my holidays.
And while I was searching for photos to start off a post, all I could find is photos of food, food and more food.

And then I figured out why. Beside the fact that I really have been eating quite a lot, the main reason behind is because I am only good at snapping food photos.

Prepare to get hungry :P

Crepe cottage at Gurney Drive. The perfect place to satisfy your craving for desserts while having a little chat with a bunch of good old friends.

and I find that I still prefer pancakes than crepe. Probably because of the fluffy texture.

Pampered brunch at Italiannies, Gurney Paragon.
Those pasta, pizzas and friends..somehow reminded me of  the scenes in Eat, Pray, Love.

 gosh :)

such guilty pleasures..

Home cooked soba served with miso soup and hard boiled eggs. Simple and nice x)

and then some photos taken during my stay in Lanai Kijang, Bank Negara Malaysia.
It was supposed to be a pre-departure camp.. but I think with all the nice hotel rooms, sauna, steam bath, jacuzzi and delicious food.. more like a free holiday to me. ^^

Hungry yet?

To be honest I wasn't feeling as happy as before during these few weeks.
There were tears and insecurities. Long story.

And I doubt I should write about it here. My blog was supposed to record all the happy moments of my life, not the opposite. So, cheers :) I am still the strong little girl