Monday, July 23, 2012


 It's been a while since we all gathered to sing Karaoke. During those high school years, it used to be our one favourite thing to do together as a group.

Not all of us were present that day. Soon Yee went back to Singapore already while Wen Hui's still enjoying winter in Australia.

Could vividly remember that we used to go Red Box very often for all the birthday parties, farewells, primary school reunions and all those *coughs* get-to-know-the-chungling-boys hang outs. \(≧▽≦)/
LOL at our 那些年

And then there was this hilarious moment..when we realised that almost all of the songs we chose were those used-to-be-so-popular hits years ago when we were merely some lala high school girls. Guess what, the first thing that popped out on my mind was all the K-pops, particularly Big Bang's.. Which they don't have much choices there! Not even my favourite BLUE

(as if i know how to pronounce every word accurately haha)

We're extremely outdated! Haven't been updating ourselves with the latest Chinese pop songs.

At the blink of eye, we're now 20 years old (I know right..can't believe I'm that grown up. I mean, take a look at my T-shirt haha) Yet our friendship bond is still so strong I don't even know how to describe. 

As sticky as superglue? (´∀`)♡ 


My personal updates:

Ever since I came back from KL, I haven't been doing much. You can't say that I'd wasted my time but it definitely had been boring, on the whole. 
You have heard of the song 'When will my life begin' in Tangled, haven't you? Go watch it on youtube and you will get a clear picture of how I spent my week.  The song's literally reflecting my situation!

-I did some paintings and also DIY greeting cards
-Watched cooking shows on AFC, started collecting recipes from my mother & carried out experiments on some serious cooking (so I can be a homy cook when I'm staying alone)
-Read Murakami's novels and some articles from Times, attempted to brush up my English
-Downloaded numerous Running Man episodes, laughed so so much from watching that I think my neighbours might have wondered who's the crazy girl next door
-Watched Studio Ghibli's latest animation 'From Up on Poppy Hill'. Mad love! ♥
-Went out with different group of friends, ate a lot of good food (tummy is more than contented)
-Had a few family gatherings, met many of my paternal relatives, good food again (so well fed)
-Spent some quality time with my granny and tried to explain to her how the UK map look like
-Brushed my hair like Rapunzel did in Tangled (haha not funny) 
etc etc etc......  well, boring. ╭(╯ε╰)╮


Howeverrrrrrr.... *drumrolls* Just when I was worrying about how to spare my time for the next whole month, suddenly I found out that my schedule is fully packed with exciting events! The power of 'Secret' perhaps. Heh ╰( ̄▽ ̄)╭
 2 spontaneous holiday trips: Cruise & makan trip this weekend, Hongkong & Macau trip next week; KL for medical check up, contracts & visa application... but most exciting of all

I'm going to WORK!! 

haha! but i bet you'll laugh when you find out what's my part time job. The pay isn't attractive at all to a big spender like me and it's nowhere related to my future career. Oh well, I just wanted to help out. Plus, since it's kind of fun. Once in a life time!