Tuesday, December 06, 2011

Quality time with family

I felt so grateful. While other people had to carry their own luggages down the stairs and take a cab to the airport, my parents came to fetch me during college's end-of-term. I didn't need to rush on my packing like I used to be and didn't need to worry much.

With parents around, you just feel like you are 10 years younger, ready to 'manja' and be daddy & mummy's little darling.

well, at least I do.

Stayed in KL for a few days before heading home with mum and dad plus youngest sister. (Poor Sherlyn couldn't follow because she was busy with her holiday camp) Sleeping together with my family made me feel so warm. It has been so long since we all squeeze together in a big room.

And then I was thinking...I will be flying off to UK next year (wheee). By the time I come back I will be working in KL and yea... growing up makes me feel nostalgic. Very much in fact. Which is why I kind of cherish every moment spent with my family. I mean, I am going to turn 20 soon!! FML i wanna stay young forever lol.

Nowadays like everyone else, we have this family mutual craving for frozen yogurt like anyone else so we stopped by our all time favourite stall--'Moo Cow'. Simply love the milky flavour! ♥ and somehow we all prefer moo cow way better than the fruity brand one.

Slurpsss :)

**lil sis added koala biscuits that she had in her bag as extra toppings for us. heh how cute!

I look fugly max here. argh.
oh well, never mind it's not my self portrait :P

Was so bored waiting for food and so I played with my camera and the lights.

Hohoho Merry Christmas! hahah :) lil sis is just as cute as always
and woo I think I look quite man here, haha only if I were a guy >:P

Authentic Thai food for dinner with grandparents, uncle and aunt.
It was mum's birthday and tomyam was her favourite so, yea.

Happy Birthday dear Mummy! Congratulations on being promoted and have a great year ahead. Don't worry you will be just fine. Your daughter also can, you sure boleh one! :) oh, hope you will look young forever too! heh

♥♥ lots of love.