Friday, December 09, 2011


, only for a month though.

Term 3 has ended and I am now back in my hometown, Penang.
I'm supposed to have lots of fun this year end but damn, I just can't forgo the fact that Edexcel Maths exams are coming real soon in January. It's super duper important because there are papers that will determine my fate, literally. lol

So i guess my companion for this Christmas would be tons of practice papers, solomon press papers, past year papers etc. whee, how exciting! -.-

'Bling-ed' my calculator with some cheap craft gems. Now that she's so pretty the owner's always feeling enthusiastic whenever she do maths :D

Received these cute X'mas cookies dedication from my dear KTJ friends before end-of-term.
Felt so guilty because I didn't order for them. Blame the character built up from being an economics student. but alas, I did bake some by myself for all my close friends on the last day of the term. Cost effective plus lots of love. Hah! :P

Loving the snowing effect on my blog!
I'm so ready for Christmas :)) Coz I'm going to Tokyo next week!

Have a great holiday and stay tuned ♥