Friday, December 23, 2011

Tokyo Disneyland

Mina san, I'm finally back. Wondering how's my Japan trip? ICHIBAN!! Breathtaking!! Definitely worth the money I would say.

It's like walking in the scenes we usually see in animes and Japanese movies. That kind of surreal feeling filled of endless astonishment and happiness. I just cannot describe it using words! That's why throughout the trip I kept snapping photos every minute like a pro devoted blogger. And guess what, there are almost 1500 photos under Japan trip in my camera!!!! The funny part is I forgot to bring along my usb cable for my camera to Japan. FML now I don't know how to sort out the trip photos. 

so I decided to split my Japan trip into a few blog posts according to places I went. That would be quite a number of posts though. Good thing! At least I have got enough things to blog for a month. HAHAHA

Okay guys, prepare your scrollbars as it's gonna be a heavy loaded posts with tons of pretty photos! ;)

 In the plane (MAS) :

Fasten your seatbelt, hug a pillow and you're ready to flyyyyyyy.

baby sis (not baby anymore) looking excited with her blanket and pillow.

;) When you're flying to Japan, you get to try Japanese cuisine during your flight.

and Häagen Dazs too. I think all MAS international flights include this. I remember having one on my last MAS flight to Aussie.

was too bored after watching a movie and playing lame trivia games. decided to select a few Japanese songs to prepare myself before landing. Japanese mood: ON ^____^

_______Landed at Narita International Airport. Checked-in hotel______________

Japanese hotels are just awesome. They give you Yukatas and Japanese slippers!

LOL. she's just too funneeeh and cuteee. Drinking Japanese green tea.

Typical Japanese toilet bowl. Fun to use :P

Ohaiyo! My breakfast :)

The view outside. ahhh :')
It's nearly the end of Autumn and the beginning of Winter there. So I could still see orange coloured maple leaves. Temperature during the day fluctuated between 5 to 9 ℃


Miso soup is ♥ Just look at the mini mushroom! It's buffet style so..being kiasu I put lots and lots of seaweed, tofu and mushrooms into my miso soup. heh.

Our tour guide bought tickets for us earlier because you don't want to queue outside Disneyland for hours I tell you. and yea, I am still a teenager so I get a Junior ticket :P

 Had to choose Disneyland because apparently they say it's better to visit land before you go for sea for first timers. Like a baby, you need to learn how to walk before you learn how to swim. lol. and yea I've never been to any Disneyland in the world. That's why. I know right!!! Disney Sea got Ariel and Atlantica! and her husband Prince Eric which I think is the hottest among all Disney Prince LOL. ohh and Duffy too!! arrrghhh opportunity cost. nvm save it for my next Japan trip la.

Oooh the Disneyland monorail ♥ didn't get to ride on it though : /

Christmas Decorations!

Boo! guess who?

It's Gepetto! Pinocchio's father.

Nutcrakers and a... Hidden Mickey! :)  @World Bazaar
Love the whole Christmas celebration in the park ♥

Window shopping. Literally. Everything's just overpriced there to a Malaysian. Imagine a tiny tiny tinyyyy (i have to stress on this lol )Mickey Mouse key chain for 600 yen. That's like..25 bucks?!
Just because there's a tiny tiny tinyyy 'Tokyo Disneyland' quote at the back which I could barely see it. Nuh-uh -.- 

However, if I put myself in the shoes of a Japanese. 600 yen for a Disney merchandise? That's cheap! An average sales girl in Tokyo earns about 900 yen per hour a day. That's like RM36 per hour. So you imagine, if there is a Disneyland in Malaysia and they sell a genuine Mickey keychain for RM6, will you buy or not? Of course, it's affordable isn't it? 

But I think this is too pretty that if I earn my own money now I would have bought one irrationally :P

Errr I think this prince charming looks kinda normal. But he sure has a very charming voice. I wanted to meet Prince Phillip and Sleeping beauty but didn't get to see them. It's so hard to search for all these characters. Plus we don't have much time due to our tight schedule. 

 Salute! Met the green soldier from Toy Story!  @Tomorrow land


In Tokyo Disneyland you will see lots of queueing going on everywhere in the park. One of the common queue is of course, the famous Disneyland Popcorns. In fact, there are 7 flavours of popcorns like chocolate,curry, salt etc. and they are all spread over the park. The one we chose to queue for was caramel but I guess the flavour doesn't matter actually. All we wanted was merely the cute Mickey container that comes along with our purchase.

OMG I was so excited when I see the pots of butter at the back. Kawaii!!!!! I remember when I was young, I especially love the scenes when chip and dale use the collected acorns to make their own acorn butter. and they always get bullied by Donald duck or vice versa! hahaha my childhood memory :')

You can even help Chip & Dale make some butter. Fun! I really love Chip and Dale. They are like my favourite! Too bad they're not at home. Guess they went out to collect acorns for winter. lol.

Donald's boat. spot his sailor uniform on the clothes line :D

Didn't get to visit Mickey & Minnie's house because you need to queue to get in there! wth no time to wait :( And you have no idea how long was the queue to just take a photo with Mickey or Winnie the Pooh. More than an hour!!

The worst fact is, it seemed like the locals had the patience to queue. And I don't. Which means that I can continue to dream on having afternoon tea with Minnie in her living room. *see the queue behind us! crazy.

Well, could at least see her from far.. haha

Of course, the iconic building in Tokyo Disneyland: Cinderella's castle ♥ 

There was even a Christmas wreath around the clock! you know, the clock which forces Cinderella to leave as it strikes at 12. lol.

Found something interesting. Is that the gate into the dungeon?

Sun's setting around 4 pm. They have shorter daytime over there. See the huge X'mas tree :) 

We didn't stay longer for the night electrical parade thingy. As I said we were on a tight schedule :( Had to go to other places straight after Disneyland. Guess what, out of all those awesome rides we only managed to go for 2 rides. TWO freaking rides sahaja!! fml again. My heart died straight away when I saw the standby board outside the Monster Inc. ride: 120 minutes from here. >.< and that's like for most of the rides. Can you imagine how many people were there in Disneyland?!

The only thing that was worth our money would be the 2 parades during daytime and also all the wonderful X'mas atmosphere. Oh well, it's not too bad though. I saved so much for my next trip! So by the next time I come again, I will be more pro but won't feel too boring I suppose.

Stay tuned for MORE photos on Disneyland parades during the day. They are just too beautiful that they deserve another post. Sayonara!